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Buckleys Marine Survey Kit
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Marine Survey Kit
Description Originally developed to monitor the hull to sea water potential of yachts, the Marine Survey Kit is currently used by Dover Harbour (one of the busiest ports in the world) to check corrosion of sheet metal piles. The kit, which is quick and easy to use, consists of a weighted Silver/Silver Chloride Half Cell, a plastic cable spool and an accurate multimeter to read the voltages generated. It provides all the items necessary to carry out corrosion surveys of marine structures and works literally by being dipped into the water.

The Half Cell is housed in a PVC body with holes to allow the easy flow of water past the cell and is weighted to help keep it in position. The electrode can be deployed close to marine structures in permanently fixed cages or in a simple PVC cage. The cell is connected to the cable spool by 75m of CSP 55/015 cable. Two other leads are supplied to connect the spool and the structure to the accurate multimeter. In use, the multimeter is connected to the structure (+terminal) and the cable spool (-terminal). The Half Cell is then lowered into the sea to the desired position. Turning on the multimeter to the DC voltage range will display the corrosion voltage.
  • Long cable length: 75m standard (other lengths can be supplied).
  • Inert body casing: PVC.
  • Weight of Cell: 350grams.
  • Long service life: up to 10 years.
Datasheet Marine Survey Kit (ref: H50)