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Seaeye Tiger in Type 2 TMS

Seaeye Puma in Type 4 TMS
Description A Seaeye bale arm TMS comprises a side entry garage configured to accommodate the size of vehicle installed. A detachable top section contains the tether management mechanism and controls. The tether is stored on a polypropylene bobbin with a bale arm mechanism to spool the tether evenly onto and off the bobbin. The bale arm is powered by a Seaeye SM4 thruster motor which is connected to the bale arm reduction gearbox by a hard rubber universal coupling. The control electronics are contained in a one atmosphere, hard anodised, pressure housing and all connectors are Seaeye metal shell type.

The garage is lowered to the working depth using contra-helically wound double armoured umbilical. This umbilical is mechanically terminated into a lifting device at the subsea end and electrically terminated at an oil filled, pressure compensated junction box. The umbilical is terminated on the surface into a slip ring fitted to the ROV lift winch.

A hydrostatic release mechanism ensures that the vehicle is held securely in the garage until it reaches a depth of 30 metres, safely below surface wave action.

At the working depth the ROV can be safely flown from the TMS to the extent of its tether. The pilot operates the TMS tether in and out mechanism from the hand controller as he manoeuvres the vehicle. The length of tether spooled out is displayed on the comprehensive video overlay provided as standard fit on all Seaeye ROVs. This is automatically calculated by the number of turns made by the bale arm mechanism during spooling in and out.

Three types of bale arm TMS are manufactured by Seaeye: The Type 4 bale arm TMS incorporates a level wind mechanism to improve tether spooling and increase the capacity of tether that can be accommodated on the bobbin.
ROV Type TMS Type Tether Used Excursion Umbilical Used
Seaeye 600 DT Type 2 5601 140 metres ADU 3
Seaeye Tiger Type 2 5601 140 metres ADU 3
Seaeye Surveyor Plus Type 3A ROV 207 140 metres ADU 3
Seaeye Panther and
Panther Plus
Type 3 ROV 206 150 metres ADU 3
Seaeye Puma/Lynx Type 4 ROV 208 200 metres ADU 3
Dimensions Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Length 1200 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm
Width 1200 mm 1400 mm 1400 mm
Height to lift eye 1640 mm 2250 mm 1880 mm
Total Weight in air Approx 650 Kg* Approx 1400 Kg* Approx 1400 Kg*
Depth Rating 1000 metres 1500 metres 1500 metres
TMS Specifications
Construction Galvanised steel
Baling System Polypropylene construction with hard anodised aluminium central boss. Seaeye SM4 motor drive with hard rubber universal coupling to bale arm gearbox.
Junction Box (Types 3 & 4) Hard anodised, oil filled and pressure compensated providing a central termination point for the armoured umbilical, tether cable and TMS electronics pod.
Electronics Pod Hard anodised aluminium cylinder with piston sealed ends. Seaeye metal shell connectors.
Usage Seaeye TMS