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Seaeye ROVs

Seaeye ROVs All Seaeye ROVs have been developed from original specifications developed in cooperation with ROV companies working in the offshore oil and gas industry where Seaeye ROVs enjoy a market leading position, and with companies whose work is in coastal or inshore regions, whose requirements usually require a more portable, but equally capable system. More..
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TMS Systems

TMS Systems The alternative to free swimming an ROV is the use of a TMS (Tether Management System) to deploy an ROV to the working depth. This option adds an element of cost to your investment in an ROV system, but offers a number of significant benefits. More..
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LARS - ROV handling systems

LARS - ROV handling systems Most ROV systems delivered by Seaeye that are larger than a Falcon will be ordered with a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) that generally comprises a skid mounted 'A' frame, winch, Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and Sheave. A lock latch or snubber/rotator can be added. Occasionally a crane base system will be supplied. More..
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Seaeye Thrusters

Seaeye Thrusters Saab Seaeye was the first manufacturer to successfully introduce reliable brushless DC motor technology for ROV propulsion in the mid 1980s and won technology awards for their thruster innovations. Part of this development was to incorporate the drive circuitry within the thruster housing. More..
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