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Seaeye 'A' Frame LARS
Description There are a range of 'A' frame LARS designed specifically to match your Seaeye ROV, that are equally suitable for launching other manufacturers' vehicles.

The 'A' frame can be erected using the system's own rams without the need of any other external lifting devices. This simplifies and reduces the cost of mobilisation and commissioning to a new location.

The pivot point for the 'A' frame is 2 metres above the deck which allows the ROV and TMS package to clear vessel guard rails up to this height and to achieve a greater overboard reach than a conventional 'A' frame pivoted at deck level.

The forward position of the 'A' Frame rams keeps side access to the ROV and TMS clear of obstructions for essential maintenance and pre-dive checks.

Seaeye offer four standard LARS types whose Type number is designated by the umbilical winch capacity and system safe working load. For example, for Type 1K1-1.25, 1K1 refers to a winch capacity of 1100 metres and -1.25 to a 1.25 tonne SWL at 3G which is widely regarded as suitable for operations in sea state 6.

Each of these systems can be provided for safe area or zone 2 operations and an optional latch mechanism can be fitted to the sheave to capture a vehicle or TMS bullet for safer launch and recovery.

In the stowed/ transport position the LARS is extremely compact and small enough to be shipped in a standard ISO container if this were required. A crash frame is fitted around the winch and HPU with additional protection during transport provided by the 'A' Frame in its stowed position
  • Elevated 'A' frame pivot point to clear a 2 metre high ship's guard rail.
  • Compact integrated skid mounted 'A' frame, winch and HPU.
  • Forward located rams to provide clear side access to the ROV and TMS.
  • Stainless steel fittings, fastenings and pipe work to reduce corrosion.
  • No crane required for erecting the 'A' frame to reduce mobilisation time and cost.
  • Optional latch mechanism for safer deployment.
  • Zone 2 option.
  • Crash frame to protect the winch and HPU.
  • Compact stowed position for easier transport.
  • Designed to DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances.
Types The most appropriate LARS Type to match each Seaeye ROV is as follows:

Type 1K1-1.25
  Seaeye 600DT
  Seaeye Tiger
  Seaeye Surveyor Plus
With bale arm or type 6 TMS
(but without 2 tonne ballast skid)
Type 1K6-1.25
  Seaeye Lynx with
1600 metre umbilical and TMS
Type 1K1-1.7
  Seaeye Panther Plus and TMS
Type 1K6-3.2
  Seaeye 600DT
  Seaeye Tiger
  Seaeye Surveyor Plus
  Seaeye Lynx
  Seaeye Panther Plus
with Type 6 TMS and 2 tonne ballast skid
  Other special applications
Umbilical winch cable
storage capacity
1100 m 1600 m 1100 m 1600 m
Umbilical cable diameter 31 mm 31 mm 31 mm 32 mm
Umbilical winch dynamic pull
at 1st layer of cable
3.09 Te 3.09 Te 3.09 Te 5.89 Te
Umbilical winch dynamic pull
at 8/9th layer of cable
1.325 Te 1.325 Te 1.87 Te 3.2 Te
Umbilical winch mean
recovery speed
0.5 m/s 0.5 m/s 0.5 m/s 0.5 m/s
Hydraulic fluid reservoir capacity 180 L 180 L 180 L 265 L
Hydraulic fluid type ISO VG 32 ISO VG 32 ISO VG 32 ISO VG 32
Electrical supply type 3 ph 3 ph 3 ph 3 ph
Voltage / frequency 380V, 50Hz
440V, 60Hz
380V, 50Hz
440V, 60Hz
380V, 50Hz
440V, 60Hz
50 Hz 380
Electric motor power 25 kW 25 kW 25 kW 37 kW
Cooling water flow required
(sea water)
80 LPM 80 LPM 80 LPM 80 LPM
Maximum cooling water
inlet temperature
30°C 30°C 30°C 30°C
Maximum outboard reach 3000 mm 3000 mm 3875 mm 3500 mm
Nominal host vessel bulwark
height transit capability
2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Effective SWL
(for certification purposes)
1.25 Te 1.25 Te 1.7 Te 3.2 Te
Design amplification factor 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
Overall length 4000 mm 4000 mm 5000 mm 4750 mm
Overall width over
mounting weldments
2650 mm 2650 mm 2650 mm 3100 mm
Transport width 2500 mm 2500 mm 2500 mm 2900 mm
Maximum height over
A frame in operation
6080 mm 6080 mm 7080 mm 6808 mm
Transportation height 2310 mm 2310 mm 2310 mm 2375 mm
Self weight including oil fill 6.9 Te 7.25 Te 7.05 Te 8.9 Te
Gross weight
(including umbilical cable)
9.65 Te 11.03 Te 9.80 Te 13.2 Te
Datasheet Seaeye 'A' Frame LARS