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Seaeye Crane based LARS

Seaeye Crane based LARS stowed for transportation
Description The system is designed and DNV approved, to launch and recover an ROV and TMS weighing up to 1350 Kg and accommodate a dynamic amplification factor of 3.0.

As an option the LARS can be provided certified for "Zone 2 " operations. The system is designed for 1500 metres depth of operation with a winch capacity sized to accommodate 1600 metres of 31mm diameter Seaeye armoured lift umbilical. The base is designed to provide a gravity base support for use on fixed platforms, however it must be noted that there are two methods of operation.

The first method is provide that the crane slew mechanism is limited in travel to prevent the structure tipping to port or starboard to maintain stability. Alternatively bolt-on outriggers can be fitted to the base to provide greater stability in full slew operation. For operations from vessels it may be preferred that the base be fastened to the deck using sacrificial bolted plates.

During initial deployment and final recovery, the ROV and TMS will be latched using the lock latch mechanism with the weight taken on chains shackled to the 1 metre diameter umbilical sheave. This allows the umbilical to be slackened off whilst the crane is being boomed in or out. To lower the ROV the weight is taken up on the armoured lift umbilical allowing the latch to be released and the ROV and TMS to be lowered to depth.

All hydraulic power requirements for the Articulated Crane and Winch are provided by the Electro Hydraulic Power Pack (HPU).

For transportation and shipping, the Articulated Crane folds and is locked in the stow position.
  • Water filled 'Gravity Base' skid with fill and drain points
  • Protection frame
  • Lifting slings and spreader bar
  • Articulated marine crane,
  • Umbilical winch with level wind
  • Electro hydraulic power pack (HPU)
  • Umbilical sheave
  • Lock latch assembly with hand pump or remote hydraulic release mechanism
  • Rotary and Stationary Junction Boxes
  • Slip Ring
Seaeye Crane based LARS
Overall shipping weight with 1600 metres umbilical 13 tonnes
Overall Plan Dimensions;  
Length 4550 mm
Width 2400 mm
Stowed height for shipping 2700 mm
Dynamic design factor 3G
External Dimensions: 4600mm long x 2440mm wide x 2750mm high
Skid base
Clear Height to top of base from bottom of latch 3960 mm
Sheave Diameter 1 metre
Weight of Skid Base complete with crane 5.7 tonnes
Arm Max outreach from centre to lift point 4.9 metres
Sacrificial Weld down Points 6 off
Crane Lifting Points (50D Pad Eyes) 4 off
Fork Lift Lifting 2 Balanced Fork Pockets
Umbilical winch
Drum core diameter 1 metre
Width between cheeks 1.3 metre
Outside Diameter of Cheeks 1.6m
Dynamic Pull at 1.6 metres 4000 Kg
Capacity of 32mm armoured umbilical 1600 metres
Line Speed 0-30 metres/minute
Min bend radius 500 mm