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Seaeye Panther Plus
Seaeye Panther Plus stern
Description Seaeye Panther Plus is a development of the Seaeye Panther in response to an original operational requirement developed with Aberdeen based ROV company, Rovtech, who operate one of the largest fleets of Seaeye ROVs.

The principal requirement was for greater power, payload, more interfaces and a work class ROV capability excluding heavy construction work.

Forward thrust has been doubled to an impressive 220 kg with lateral thrust increased from 85 kg to 170 kg with a relatively small increase of the vehicle's in air weight to 500 kg. Payload has been increased to 105 kg. These improved performance figures translate into handling characteristics that pilots report as being 'simply spectacular.'

Visually, the distinguishing feature of the Seaeye Panther Plus is the additional 4 vectored SM5 brushless DC thrusters making a total of 8 vectored thrusters in pairs. The ROV frame has been slightly enlarged to accommodate these thrusters, improve through frame water flow and provide space for a 12 function hydraulic valve pack for tooling and manipulator applications.

A particular benefit of the 'Plus' configuration of pairs of vectored thrusters and two vertical thrusters is the level of redundancy available. The power for the thrusters is split into two channels with each channel providing DC to one vertical thruster and 4 of the 8 horizontal thrusters. If a fault should develop on one channel it can be isolated allowing operations to continue at half power. If there is a failure in only one horizontal thruster the effect on vehicle performance and control will be barely noticeable.
  • Max operating depth: 1000 metres
  • 220 kg forward thrust (bollard pull)
  • 170 kg lateral thrust
  • Weighing only 500 kg in air
  • 105 kg payload
  • 10 brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback for superior control
  • Thruster power supplies split into 2 separate channels for redundancy
  • Auto heading and depth with auto altitude option
  • Two hydraulic manipulator interfaces
  • 12 function hydraulic solenoid valve pack
  • Seaeye high torque pan and tilt unit
  • Dual channel variable intensity, individually fused, 600 watts of lighting
  • Interface for survey sensors
  • 4 simultaneous video channels
  • Integral video overlay system
Vehicle Specifications Seaeye Panther Plus
Maximum Working Depth 1000 metres
Length 1750 mm
Height 1217 mm
Width 1060 mm
Thrust Forward 220 kg
Thrust Lateral 170 kg
Thrust Vertical 75 kg
Weight 500 kg
Payload 105 kg
  • Pre and post lay pipeline surveys
  • Touch down monitoring
  • Cable installation
  • Drill support
  • IRM
  • NDT inspections
  • Salvage operations including torpedo recover and support of distressed submarines with emergency life support pods
  • Specialist configurations to suit client requirements.
  • Technical training programme.
  • Focus/Zoom TV camera interface
  • SIT and colour cameras.
  • 2.5kw 3 phase AC outlet
  • Survey Suites.
  • CP probe. (Contact or proximity.)
  • Sonar systems.
  • Dual Manipulator system.
  • Tracking systems.
  • Pipe & Cable tracking equipment.
  • Inspection suites.
  • TMS Camera & Light
  • Launch & deployment system. (Zoned & un-zoned.)
  • ROV Control cabin. (Zoned & un-zoned.)
Datasheet Seaeye Panther Plus