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Seaeye ROV Comparison Chart

Use this chart to quickly identify the key specifications and options for the full range of Seaeye ROVs. More..
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Seaeye Falcon & Seaeye Falcon DR

Seaeye Falcon Between 1986 and 2002 when the first Seaeye Falcon was delivered, the company's focus had been to develop and support a range of ROV systems from the observation class Seaeye Tiger to the work class Panther Plus for the offshore oil and gas industry, and to maintain its leading position in that market by constantly seeking new ways to get more work out of these light, powerful systems. More..
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Seaeye Falcon accessories

Seaeye Falcon accessories Seaeye are constantly looking at new ways to enhance the capability of their vehicles by developing useful tools and accessory interfaces that can be added to the basic systems.

These are developed as much from customer input as from their own operational experience. More..
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Seaeye Tiger

Tiger The Seaeye Tiger is widely regarded internationally as the standard observation and inspection ROV for operations to depths of 1000 metres in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its performance in strong currents, excellent handling and manoeuvrability are unsurpassed. More..
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Seaeye Lynx

Lynx The Seaeye Lynx is a development of the successful Seaeye Puma but in a larger frame to provide improved water flow through the vectored and vertical thrusters. So successful has been this modification that the performance of the Seaeye Lynx matches that of the smaller and lighter Seaeye Tiger observation ROV. More..
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Seaeye Surveyor Plus

Surveyor Plus The Seaeye Surveyor Plus ROV Systems are rated for 600 metre depths of operation and replace the earlier model Seaeye Surveyor ROVs. This up-rated edition is fitted with ten Seaeye SM4 brushless DC thrusters, two of which are provided for vertical thrust and eight in vectored pairs for horizontal propulsion. The result is an incredibly powerful and agile vehicle. More..
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Seaeye Cougar & Seaeye Cougar-XT

Cougar The Seaeye Cougar-XT is a development of the successful Seaeye Cougar range, proven worldwide in demanding applications and recognised for its capability to operate effectively as a compact work ROV.

The new Cougar-XT comes with a considerable improvement in performance - creating a vehicle with the highest thrust to weight ratio in its class. More..
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Seaeye Panther

Panther Seaeye Panther ROV Systems are depth rated to 1500 metres and were the first of a new generation of electric powered work ROVs. A Panther is able to carry out many of the tasks previously carried our by conventional hydraulic powered work vehicles that are larger, heavier and invariably more costly. More..
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Seaeye Panther Plus

Panther Plus Seaeye Panther Plus is a development of the Seaeye Panther in response to an original operational requirement developed with Aberdeen based ROV company, Rovtech, who operate one of the largest fleets of Seaeye ROVs.

The principal requirement was for greater power, payload, more interfaces and a work class ROV capability excluding heavy construction work. More..
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