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Seaeye Surveyor Plus
Description Seaeye Surveyor Plus ROV Systems are rated for 600 metre depths of operation and replace the earlier model Seaeye Surveyor ROVs. This up rated edition is fitted with ten Seaeye SM4 brushless DC thrusters, two of which are provided for vertical thrust and eight in vectored pairs for horizontal propulsion. The result is an incredibly powerful and agile vehicle with 125 kgf of forward thrust and 108 kgf of lateral power.

The Seaeye Surveyor Plus is ideally suited for survey applications as well as general observation and inspection duties.

This ROV has ample payload to accommodate a full survey suite including a VT TSS 440 Pipe Tracker.

Free swimming operations are possible with up to 600 metres of polyurethane sheathed lifting umbilical. Alternatively, the Seaeye Surveyor Plus can be operated from a Seaeye Bale Arm or Type 5 winch and slip ring Tether Management System (TMS). For TMS operations it will be necessary to use an armoured lift umbilical for deployment of the garaged ROV.
Vehicle Specifications Seaeye Surveyor Plus
Maximum Working Depth 600 metres
Length 1450 mm
Height 920 mm
Width 820 mm
Thrust Forward 125 kg
Thrust Lateral 108 kg
Thrust Vertical 35 kg
Weight 250 kg
Payload 45 kg
  • Specialist configurations to suit client requirements.
  • Cable lengths for 'Live boat' or free swimming operations: 100 to 600 metres.
  • Tether Management Systems (T.M.S.)
  • Technical training programme.
  • SEAEYE colour CCD Camera.
  • SEAEYE lowlight mono CCD TV camera.
  • SIT camera.
  • Focus/Zoom camera interface.
  • 2.5kw 3 phase AC outlet.
  • CP probe (Contact or proximity.)
  • Sonar systems.
  • Tracking systems.
  • Manipulator system.
  • Pipe & cable tracking equipment.
  • Survey suites.
  • Inspection suites.
  • Launch & deployment system (Zoned & un-zoned.)
  • ROV Control cabin (Zoned & un-zoned.)
Datasheet Seaeye Surveyor Plus