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Seaeye Tiger
Description the Seaeye Tiger is widely regarded internationally as the standard observation and inspection ROV for operations to depths of 1000 metres in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its performance in strong currents, excellent handling and manoeuvrability are unsurpassed.

A Seaeye Tiger can be operated free swimming with up to 450 metres of umbilical or from a Type 2 or Type 5 TMS system to its full working depth.

Seaeye Tigers are open frame construction providing greater scope to fit additional accessories and more capable manipulators than 'eyeball' ROVs. This open frame construction also allows the horizontal thrusters to be mounted in the most efficient vectored arrangement providing far greater thrust in both forward and lateral directions than earlier axial and lateral thruster combinations.

A particular benefit of the 'Plus' configuration of pairs of vectored thrusters and two vertical thrusters is the level of redundancy available. The power for the thrusters is split into two channels with each channel providing DC to one vertical thruster and 4 of the 8 horizontal thrusters. If a fault should develop on one channel it can be isolated allowing operations to continue at half power. If there is a failure in only one horizontal thruster the effect on vehicle performance and control will be barely noticeable.
  • Maximum operating depth: 1000 metres
  • Dual video channels
  • 32 Kg (70 Lb) payload
  • 4 Vectored and one vertical Seaeye SM 4M thrusters with velocity feedback
  • Auto heading and depth
  • Thruster trim functions
  • Fully interfaced for sonar and CP probes
  • 3 Phase power outlet option
  • Single or 4 function manipulator option
  • Choice of TMS systems
  • Free swimming mode
  • 300 watts of variable intensity lighting
  • Integral video overlay
Vehicle Specifications Seaeye Tiger
Maximum Working Depth 1000 metres
Length 1030 mm
Height 590 mm
Width 700 mm
Thrust Forward 62 kg
Thrust Lateral 43 kg
Thrust Vertical 22 kg
Weight 150 kg
Payload 32 kg
  • Launch and Recovery System (LARS)
  • ROV Control Cabins - 'Zone 2' or 'Safe Area'
  • Bale Arm (Type2) or winch and slip ring (Type 7) TMS systems.
  • Industry Standard Cameras.
  • Single function electric manipulator.
  • Tool skid and multi function hydraulic manipulator.
  • CP probe. (Contact or proximity).
  • Sonar systems.
  • Tracking systems.
  • Spares Kits
  • Technical Training Courses.
Datasheet Seaeye Tiger