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The alternative to 'Free Swimming' an ROV is the use of a TMS (Tether Management System) to deploy an ROV to the working depth. This option adds an element of cost to your investment in an ROV system but offers a number of significant benefits including:
  • Eliminating the effect of drag on a long length of surface tended umbilical.
  • Providing protection to the ROV garaged in the TMS during launch and recovery, particularly as it passes through the splash zone.
  • Increasing the speed of travel to and from the working depth. The speed of the lift winch and not the rate of dive of the ROV now determines the speed of launch and recovery.
  • Achieving greater accuracy of deployment to the work site.
  • Providing a safe haven to park the ROV at depth between tasks.
A Seaeye TMS comprises of a side entry garage, configured to accommodate the size of vehicle installed. On some models the garage height is adjustable to accommodate a range of ROVs or the addition of tooling skids. The top section of the garage contains a winch and slip ring or a bobbin and bale arm mechanism for remote control spooling of the ROV tether.

The armoured umbilical lift winch is used to lower the TMS to the working depth. The armoured umbilical passes over an umbilical sheave fitted to either the 'A' Frame or a suitable articulated crane.

During the launch and the recovery phase of the operation, the ROV is securely held within the TMS by a lock/release mechanism.

On reaching the required operational depth, the ROV can now be safely piloted from the TMS to the work site within the maximum operational radius of the tether spooled onto the TMS. The pilot remotely adjusts the tether length (in or out) from the vehicle hand control unit. The length of tether out is displayed on the comprehensive video overlay, provided as a standard feature on with Seaeye ROV systems.
Seaeye Bale Arm TMS Systems

Seaeye Bale Arm TMS Systems A Seaeye bale arm TMS comprises a side entry garage configured to accommodate the size of vehicle installed.

The garage is lowered to the working depth using contra-helically wound double armoured umbilical. More..
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Seaeye Type 6 TMS

Seaeye Type 6 TMS The garage design accommodates all Seaeye ROVs with the exception of the Panther Plus for which a larger system is available. It incorporates telescopic legs that are simply extended with a 4 bolt adjustment to suit the ROV type or vary the height for a vehicle fitted with a tooling skid. More..
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