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Saab Seaeye Type 6 TMS with Subsea Winch & Slip Ring Saab Seaeye logo

Type 6 TMS

Seaeye Lynx and the Type 6 TMS
Description The garage design accommodates all Seaeye ROVs with the exception of the Panther Plus for which a larger system is available. It incorporates telescopic legs that are simply extended with a 4 bolt adjustment to suit the ROV type or vary the height for a vehicle fitted with a tooling skid. The frame is designed to accommodate an optional ballast skid into which lead ingots can be added to increase the total weight of the TMS by 1310 kg. This may be an attractive option for operations in areas with extreme currents.

For safety, mesh doors are fitted on all sides of the top deck. They can be easily removed for maintenance and access to the top deck components.

This TMS is manufactured for Seaeye and supersedes the earlier Type 5 systems.
  • Longer ROV excursions from the TMS to provide greater operating footprint
  • Adjustable entry height to accommodate tooling skids when fitted
  • Variable lift points to balance the TMS
  • Fits all Seaeye ROVs (except Seaeye Panther Plus)
  • Power pack motor common spare part with Seaeye SM4/M thruster
  • Manual latching for dead TMS recovery
  • Auto ROV release on payout to minimise tether damage
  • Compensator pressure gauges to monitor hydraulic pressure
  • Optional TMS camera and light to assist vehicle entry and view compensator pressure gauges
  • Tilting drive sheave smoothes the path and reduces stress on the tether
General Parameters
Depth Rating 1500 MSW - 3000 MSW Option
Safe Working Load 2500 kg
Design factor 3G
Design load 7500 kg
Length 1680 mm
Height without bullet -
variable between:
1630 to 2130 mm (standard system)
1900 to 2400 mm (with ballast skid fitted)
Accommodates Seaeye 600 DT
Seaeye Tiger
Seaeye Lynx and their tooling skids
Seaeye Surveyor Plus
Width 1270 mm
Weight in air 780 kg (standard system)
Weight in air with
ballast skid option
850 kg
Weight in water 380 kg (standard system)
Weight in water with
ballast skid option
410 kg
Maximum added
ballast capacity
1240 kg of lead ingots
Tether capacity 290 metres of 17 mm or 225 metres of 20.6 mm diameter tether
Line pull 61 kg on the bottom wrap
Payout speed 30 m/min
Pull in speed 25 m/min
Design temperature -20C to 50C