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StarFish Seabed Imaging System
Description StarFish is a revolutionary, low cost side scan sonar which produces near photo-quality images of the seabed. Built to a unique, innovative design StarFish is currently the smallest side scan towfish on the market measuring less than 15 inches long!

Since the first side scan sonars were developed, manufacturers have predominantly focused on a cylindrical or torpedo-shaped towfish body. Research into underwater hydrodynamics has shown that the torpedo-shape many associate with side scan sonars may not be the optimum design.

Today we have created a revolutionary, new tow body challenging these old concepts and providing several advantages. The compact design and unique shape dramatically improve the stability of the sonar and with it the quality of the seabed images.

The near photo-quality images produced by StarFish make it an affordable, low-cost side scan sonar compared to many larger commercial side scan systems.

The advanced digital CHIRP acoustic techniques used by StarFish offer better range resolution compared to conventional fixed-frequency side scan sonars.

StarFish is truly 'Plug and Play' connecting to your Windows PC or laptop via a USB Port. It out performs many larger commercial systems, yet the intuitive StarFish Scanline software makes it easy to use.

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  • Smallest Towfish Side Scan Sonar available
  • Pioneering, innovative design
  • Easily transportable - fits in a small rucksack
  • Plug and Play USB interface to any Windows PC
  • Easily powered from almost any source
  • Simple, intuitive software
  • Dive clubs
  • Law Enforcement / Homeland Security
  • Shipwreck hunting / treasure hunting
  • Underwater research / Academic Institutes
  • Fisheries / Angling / Sport Fishing
  • Offshore oil & gas industry
  • Underwater engineering projects / surveys
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