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Submertec Seaspy DHC-4
Description Manufactured primarily for the commercial diving industry, this low light colour camera has been designed to provide the best possible image in a rugged and reliable Titanium housing suitable for mounting to a divers helmet or pistol grip.

The camera uses digital signal processing to produce a clear image with good colour balance and its extreme low light performance coupled with an automatic iris lens allows it to operate over extremes of light levels including the observation of welding and burning.

Adjustment points inside the housing allow the camera to be set up for use with coaxial or twisted pair cables up to 1000 metres long (3280ft) and Video outputs are fully protected against damage from line transients.

A voltage regulator with reverse polarity protection is provided to allow the camera to operate from supplies ranging from 15 to 30 volts dc. The LPIL4MP connector on a short cable tail, is moulded to a right angle penetrator on the camera end cap for maximum durability and minimum wastage of space on a divers helmet. Other underwater connectors can be fitted on request to ensure compatibility with other equipment.

In recognition of the harsh environment that the camera is designed to work in, many parts have been made field replaceable including the pressure window and penetrator assembly.

The new Guardian UVL-2 Titanium underwater video light has been specially designed to complement Submertec Seaspy underwater cameras.
  • 4,000 metre depth rating
  • Supplied with Submertec International cables
  • AUX port for third party RS232 / RS485 sensors
  • Fibre optic interfacing
  • RS232 multiplexed interfacing
  • Time critical system integration
Datasheet Seaspy DHC-4