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Tritech SeaKing 700 Series - Bathymetric & Oceanographic Sensors
Description The Tritech SeaKing 700 Series of Integrated Bathymetric Sensors & Oceanographic Instruments comprise of up to four high resolution sensors:
  • Tritech PA500 Precision Altimeter
  • Paroscientific Digiquartz Precision Depth Sensor
  • Falmouth Scientific Conductivity Probe
  • Falmouth Scientific Temperature Probe
There are two standard configurations available for the Tritech SeaKing 700 Series:
  • Tritech SeaKing 701 Bathymetric system
    - comprising depth and altitude sensors
  • Tritech SeaKing 704 Oceanographic system
    - as 701 bathy system but with temperature and conductivity sensors
Other configurations of bathymetric sensors and oceanographic instruments can be supplied on request.

The bathy units are available in four standard depth ratings : 700, 1400, 2000, 4000 metres

Although the sensors form an integrated bathymetric package, the altimeter may be mounted separately on the ROV. This allows positioning of the individual sensors away from areas of masking or disturbance such as ROV structure or thruster wash.

Full water column density bathy profiling for the 704 oceanographic systems is achieved by dynamically modifying a "look-up" table which contains all measured parameters versus water depth measurements. This table may be stored by the surveyors and re-loaded as required.

Whatever the configuration of bathy package selected, it operates as a single subsea node on the Tritech SeaKing data network and shares the same twisted pair wiring as other Tritech SeaKing heads. Vehicle integration is very simple as only a single pair of conductors is required on the ROV.
  • Conductivity and temperature module eliminates the need to take daily "dips".
  • Real time, on line monitoring of seawater conductivity and temperature.
  • Correct velocity of sound (vos) may be applied in real time to devices such as the SeaKing profiling sonar and the altimeter.
  • Corrected temperature and salinity parameters can be passed to the Digiquartz depth sensor.
  • Surface barometric pressure sensor is standard in SeaKing Bathometer.
  • Pipeline, site and route surveys
  • Multi-beam echo sounder surveys
Datasheet SeaKing 700 Series - Bathymetric & Oceanographic Sensors