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Seanet SCU

Seanet SCU Surface control unit for single or multiple Tritech sensor communication. A robust 19" rack mount unit with floated shock mount internals for maximum reliability. Embedded Microsoft Windows '98 or XP operating system installed on solid-state Flash disk. Fitted with the industry favourite Remote Access Terminal (RAT) which provides full control of the SeaNet SCU, a 3.5" Floppy Drive and a 250MB Zip Drive for easy data storage and transfer. More..

SeaHub The all new Tritech SeaHub Surface Interface Module is the successor to the SKIM-100 Interface Module. The SeaHub is a highly versatile product, which allows any customer to interface Tritech or third party survey equipment via a USB-2 connection on their own PC or laptop computer. Furthermore, the unit provides additional USB and serial ports to give instant access to storage devices, GPS or other sensors. More..

Mulitcomm The Multicomm subsea junction box provides a simple solution for interfacing Tritech's range of sensors when users are unable to interface them through their existing communication link. The Multicomm can be linked to a number of SeaKing sensors and communication can then be made to the Seanet SCU (Surface Control Unit) using the RS-232 protocol. As well as providing RS-232 output the Multicomm can be set to act as a transparent interface allowing communication using Tritech's ArcNet protocol. More..