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Tritech Eclipse Multibeam Sonar
Description With true time-delay beamforming and electronic beam steering technology, Eclipse is the most flexible, cost-effective multibeam sonar available today.

Not only is Eclipse a very capable Multibeam EchoSounder, it can also be deployed on an ROV at depths down to 2500m in Forward Looking Navigation and 3D Volume Visualisation modes.

Multibeam EchoSounder

Eclipse Multibeam Echosounding (Pipeline Survey)

Utilising 256 focused receive beams across a 120° wide swathe, Eclipse Multibeam data can be visualised as a real-time, 3D motion corrected waterfall displayIt can also be interfaced to industry standard survey software to obtain geodetically correct, high resolution, hydrographic bathymetry data.

3D Volume Visualisation

Eclipse 3D Imaging (Pipeline Mattress Inspection)

By electronically sweeping the 1.5° profiling beam, a 120° by 45° volume can be imaged ahead of the Sonar. At 10m range and 1° sweep steps, Eclipse can scan a complete volume in less than 1 second.

The 3D Volume can also be digitised into a points cloud and embedded tools allow measurements to be taken in 3D including range, bearing, horizontal and vertical distance and slope angle between any two points of interest.

Forward Looking Navigation

Eclipse Forward Looking (Harbour Wall)

By mounting the sonar looking ahead of the ROV in either profile (120° x 1.5°) or forward-looking (120° x 45°) mode, the Eclipse can be used to measure and aid navigation towards targets requiring further detailed inspection. Eclipse can then be switched to 3D Volume mode for advanced visualisation of the target of interest.
  • Low operating voltage options
  • High resolution bathymetry
  • Obstacle avoidance - forward looking mode
  • Not affected by poor visibility
  • True time-delay beamforming
  • Electronic beam steering
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Up to 140Hz scan-rate
  • 2500m depth rated
  • ROV or vessel deployed
  • Real time 3D imaging & measurement
  • Bathymetry survey
  • Mattress laying in zero visibility
  • Construction support
  • Search and salvage operations
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Pipeline touchdown monitoring
  • Dredging and rock dumping
  • Harbour wall inspection
Datasheet Tritech Eclipse Multibeam Sonar