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Tritech Gemini SeaTec
Description Gemini SeaTec is a mammal detection system which provides an early warning of the presence of sea mammals, in the vicinity of subsea marine current turbine structures.

Tritech, a specialist in equipment for professional underwater markets, has developed its real-time multibeam imaging sonar technology for the offshore renewables industry.

The Gemini SeaTec system uses the industry standard Tritech Gemini 720id multibeam sonar and its own bespoke movement detection software to provide a valuable tool for the tracking of marine life around subsea turbine structures.

The innovative software allows marine wildlife to be monitored in real-time. The logged data can be stored for analysis and used for environmental assessment as part of the current turbine development process.

  • Fast update rates for video-like imagery
  • Dedicated movement detection software
  • Wide 120 field of view
  • Up to 120m/ 395ft range
  • Integrated velocimeter for accurate ranging
  • Interfaced with either Ethernet or VDSL comms
  • Display data via Gemini's software
  • Titanium housing for long-term deployment
  • Mammal detection
  • Environmental assessment applications
  • Windfarm seabed surveys
  • Windfarm pre/ post cable lay operations
  • Scour monitoring
Datasheet Tritech Gemini SeaTec