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Super ZipJet - ROV Suction & Jetting Pump

Super ZipJet - ROV Suction & Jetting Pump The Tritech Super ZipJet pump replaces the successful Tritech ZipJet Ultra range of products. It incorporates many technical advances over the previous generation of hydraulic ROV suction and jetting systems. The Super ZipJet pump will not block or jam because there are no moving parts on the dredging side of the system and may be rapidly switched from suction to jetting mode. It also has a much improved ROV mounting system allowing multiple mounting and handling configurations. More..
Merlin - ROV Jetting & Excavation Pump

Merlin - ROV Jetting & Excavation Pump The new 35 h.p. - 60 h.p. Tritech Merlin excavation pump is the must have successor to the Tritech Excalibur. The Merlin incorporates many of the improved design features introduced on the smaller Super ZipJet pump which has proved so successful. The pump is smaller, lighter and more robust with greater performance in both excavation and jetting functions. More..
AnchorZip 10 - ROV Suction Anchor Pump

AnchorZip 10 - ROV Suction Anchor Pump The Tritech AnchorZip 10 pump is a heavy duty suction anchor pump designed for work vehicles able to produce 25 HP of hydraulic power. It offers a very quick and cost effective way of installing and removing suction anchors. The AnchorZip 10 pump is specifically designed for ROV deployment and will interface with most ROV hydraulic systems. More..
ZipTrench - ROV Trenching & Excavation Tool

ZipTrench - ROV Trenching & Excavation Tool The Tritech ZipTrench trencher is an ROV mounted hydraulic trenching and excavation tool, developed to meet the requirement for cost-effective, simple to deploy and use, trenching equipment. The trencher is designed to open up trenches and for deburial in unconsolidated sediments. Excavated materials will typically include sand, fine gravels and muds, the materials normally encountered where an existing trench has naturally backfilled. More..
PT3636-C Pan and Tilt Unit

PT3636-C Pan and Tilt Unit The Tritech PT3636-C pan and tilt unit has been designed for smooth operation of ROV cameras and lighting. Designed to be rugged, compact and reliable the PT3636-C is the ideal solution for use on ROV's, where the harsh working environment tests equipment reliability to the limit. Practical slots for band clamps provides mounting for numerous combinations of different sized cameras and lights. More..