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SeaKing Hammerhead Sonar

SeaKing Hammerhead Sona The SeaKing Hammerhead is at the forefront of sonar technology, offering high resolution, 360 mechanical scanning imaging. Utilising a wide transducer aperture, the SeaKing Hammerhead has a very fine mechanical step size and proven Digital Sonar Technology (DST), for outstanding image quality. More..
Super SeaKing Sonar

Super SeaKing Sonar The Tritech Super SeaKing Dual Frequency Sonar uses the very latest in composite transducer and CHIRP technology to produce a sonar which delivers the clearest underwater images available, at operating ranges previously unobtainable. The Super SeaKing shares many of the features of the earlier SeaKing, which has been chosen as the standard obstacle avoidance sonar in many of the professional ROV fleets around the world. More..
Super SeaPrince Sonar

Super SeaPrince Sonar The Tritech Super SeaPrince Sonar is designed specifically for survey, observation and light work class ROV. The sonar is a single transducer, full digital CHIRP system, complementing the larger dual transducer Super SeaKing Sonar. This core product sets new standards in sonar technology; its advanced composite transducer and CHIRP signal processing generate images of unprecedented clarity and resolution. More..
Micron Sonar

Micron Sonar The Tritech Micron Sonar has been designed as an obstacle avoidance sonar for the new generation of very small, low cost ROV. It sets new standards in compact sonar technology and is the smallest digital CHIRP sonar in the world. The Micron Sonar can be controlled by a customer supplied PC or laptop and it can be configured for either RS232 or RS485 protocols. The Micron Sonar also has a standard auxiliary port to allow it to interface with other Tritech sensors. More..