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Tritech Control Units

Tritech Control Units Interface and control your high performance Tritech sensors with ease using our latest surface and subsea control units. More..
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Multibeam Sonars

Multibeam Sonars The most flexible, cost-effective multibeam sonar available today. A Multibeam EchoSounder which can also be deployed at the front of an ROV in 3D Imaging and Forward Looking modes. More..
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Imaging Sonars

Imaging Sonars High definition analogue and digital Imaging Sonars for target recognition and AUV / ROV obstacle avoidance. More..
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Profiling Sonars

Profiling Sonars Seabed cross-sectional profiling sonars and seismic parametric sub-bottom profilers. More..
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Side Scan Sonar Systems

Side Scan Sonar Systems A versatile instrument for conducting underwater cathodic protection potential measurements. The unit is designed for use with manned or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and is supplied with three metres of underwater cable. More..
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Bathymetric Systems

Bathymetric Systems Tritech SeaKing 700 Series of integrated Bathymetric Systems and Oceanographic Instrument Sensor Suites. More..
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Altimeters Specially designed to verify the accuracy of the electronics inside the Bathycorrometer®, the Altimeters is suitable for both Buckleys and Roxby units. Quick and easy to use, it will verify the accuracy of the electronics inside the Bathycorrometer® without breaking the water seal and will also provide a benchmark for recalibration. More..
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Camera & Lighting Systems

Camera & Lighting Systems High resolution colour and monochrome underwater video cameras and compact subsea lighting systems for ROV, diver and all underwater applications. More..
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Hydraulic & Mechanical Systems

Hydraulic & Mechanical Systems Hydraulic valve pack control systems. ROV suction, excavation, jetting and trenching systems. Hydraulic Pan and Tilt units. More..
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Laser Products

Laser Products Deep Sea laser projectors, video and laser subsea metrology systems. More..
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Motion &: Navigation Systems

Motion &: Navigation Systems Compact solid-state gyro compass navigation systems and motion reference units. More..
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Acoustic Modems

Acoustic Modems Tritech spread spectrum acoustic modems provide long range underwater data transmission at high data rates and are suitable for almost all underwater applications. More..
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About Tritech

Tritech International Limited [Tritech] is a high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in underwater applications.

Tritech operates in many professional underwater markets, including; Defence, Energy, Engineering, Survey and Underwater Vehicles and remains an industry leader in the provision of sensors and tools for ROVs and AUVs.

The company’s Sales & Customer Support offices are located in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and in Katy, Texas. Tritech also provides a dedicated support office in Macaé, Brazil. The company’s Design & Production Sites are located in Ulverston, Cumbria and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tritech has further global representation through a broad Distributor Network.

Tritech is now a Moog Inc. company, a worldwide designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision control components and systems.

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