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Tritech Micron Data Modem
Description The Micron Data Modem is an exciting new development in the field of through-water communications. It provides robust spread spectrum data transmission from an extremely compact and low cost unit.

The Micron Data Modem can also be used as a responder or transponder for ROV and AUV tracking applications. A remote battery powered option is also available.

Due to its miniature size and low weight, the Micron Data Modem is suitable for a host of potential subsea data transfer applications that were previously impractical or uneconomic with larger, more expensive systems. With a range of up to 1km from its omni-directional transducer, and the ability to network multiple units subsea, the Micron Modem is a superb solution for many data through-water communication applications.

It may also be integrated into the new Micron Nav tracking system, as a single subsea tracking sensor for ROV and AUV of all sizes or again as part of a network.
  • Multipath and noise rejection for use in shallow water.
  • Long range.
  • Exceptionally low error rate.
  • Low power consumption.
  • All low data rate through water communications.
  • AUV control and data collection.
  • USBL navigation (As part of the Micron Nav USBL positioning system).
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