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Micron Nav USBL Positioning System

Micron Nav USBL Positioning System The Micron Nav system is an innovative USBL positioning system designed for small ROV / AUV. It has been primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Tritech Micron / SeaSprite sonar and other Tritech Micro products. The USBL transducer is designed to provide 180 degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, allowing vehicle tracking in very shallow water. More..
Micron Inertial Navigation System (INS)

Micron Inertial Navigation System The Micron Inertial Navigation System (INS) for ROVs and AUVs has been developed to allow small subsea vehicles the ability to obtain previously unattainable position stability. The Micron INS has been designed to work seamlessly with the Micron Nav USBL system and as a truly plug and play INS solution, brings fully automated ROV control one step closer. More..
Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC)

Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC) The Tritech Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC) combines three angular rate gyros with three orthogonal DC accelerometers and three orthogonal magnetometers. The Intelligent Gyro Compass provides essential heading and movement data not available from widely used Magnetically Slaved Gyro and Flux Gate Compasses. The Gyro Compass can be easily configured by the user to match the output of a wide selection of common heading sensors for simple integration into existing systems. More..
Intelligent Fibre-Optic Gyro (iFG)

Intelligent Fibre-Optic Gyro (iFG) The Tritech Intelligent Fibre-Optic Gyro (iFG) provides additional heading stability when combined with the Tritech Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC), or other heading and motion reference units. It uses a single-axis FOG sensor, mounted inside an extruded aluminium housing, and can typically reduce heading drift errors to <1 degree per hour. More..