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Gemini 720i Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Gemini 720i Multibeam Imaging Sonar Gemini 720i produces sonar images of superb clarity with the added benefit of real-time imaging. With a very impressive 120° field of view, range settings from 0.2m-120m, an integrated sound velocity sensor and flexible comms options, Gemini 720i sets new standards for multibeam imaging sonars. More..
Gemini 720id Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Gemini 720id Multibeam Imaging Sonar The deep-rate version of the popular Gemini 720i real-time multibeam imaging sonar, Gemini 720id utilises an array of transducers to provide a 120° constant and crisp field of vision of the underwater scene ahead. More..
Eclipse Multibeam Sonar

Eclipse Multibeam Sonar With true time-delay beamforming and electronic beam steering technology, Eclipse is the most flexible, cost-effective multibeam sonar available today. Not only is Eclipse a very capable Multibeam EchoSounder, it can also be deployed on an ROV at depths down to 2500m in Forward Looking Navigation and 3D Volume Visualisation modes. More..
Gemini SeaTec

Gemini SeaTec Gemini SeaTec is a mammal detection system which provides an early warning of the presence of sea mammals, in the vicinity of subsea marine current turbine structures. The innovative software allows marine wildlife to be monitored in real-time. More..
RAMS- Real-Time Asset Integrity Monitoring for FPSOs

RAMS- Real-Time Asset Integrity Monitoring for FPSOs Tritech’s RAMS™ is a 360° anchor-chain and riser integrity monitoring system for Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units (FPSOs). RAMS™ is a dual-function system monitoring the presence, integrity and position of mooring lines and risers 24/7 from a single sonar head deployed beneath the vessel. More..