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Tritech Multicomm
Description Interfacing SeaKing or SeaPrince sensors has been simplified by introducing the Tritech Multicomm Subsea Junction Box.

Where users are unable to interface the Tritech SeaKing range of sensors through their existing communication link the use of this junction box provides a simple solution.

The Multicomm junction box can be linked to a number of Tritech SeaKing sensors and communication can then be made to the Surface Control Unit (SCU) using RS232 protocol.

As well as providing RS232 output the Multicomm junction box can be set to act as a transparent interface allowing communication using Tritech’s ArcNet protocol. This transparent interface also accepts Tritech SeaPrince sensors, which provides a simple junction box for system installations where time is critical.

As well as interfacing to the full range of Tritech SeaKing sensors, the Multicomm can also accept a serial output from a third party sensor channel over the one Tritech communication line.

The flexibility of the Multicomm junction box provides users with a package that can be interfaced almost anywhere.
  • 4,000 metre depth rating
  • Supplied with Tritech International cables
  • AUX port for third party RS232 / RS485 sensors
  • Fibre optic interfacing
  • RS232 multiplexed interfacing
  • Time critical system integration
Datasheet Multicomm