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Tritech SeaStripe - Deep Sea Laser Projector
Description The all new Tritech SeaStripe is a compact, solid state deep sea laser projector.

The laser projector is designed to dramatically enhance the range of ROV and AUV video systems.

As well as extending viewing range, the SeaStripe deep sea laser projector also facilitates subsea metrology, something conventional ROV lighting is unable to do.

The Seastripe's 532nm laser projects very uniform and sharp structured lighting - ideal for use as a subsea reference tool.

Other options for the SeaStripe laser projector include customized optics to project reference grid patterns onto surfaces underwater for investigation
  • Optimised for seawater penetration
  • Wide angle projector
  • Uniform laser line intensity with sharp cut-off
  • 4000m depth rated
  • Compact and robust solid state system
  • High definition recognition of surface details - detection of cracks, corrosion pits etc
  • Damage analysis
  • Measurement of cross sectional profile in conjunction with StripeAnalyser software
  • Data fusion by precise correlation of acoustic and SeaStripe data
Datasheet Tritech SeaStripe - Deep Sea Laser Projector