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Tritech SeaKing Towfish Side Scan Sonar System
Description The Tritech SeaKing Towfish Side Scan Sonar System is an extremely compact and low cost high definition side scan sonar system. The Towfish side scan sonar is designed for a wide range of seabed survey and inspection duties.

The SeaKing Towfish Sonar is available with two operating frequencies. The high frequency 675kHz side scan sonar has the greatest resolution and a useful range out to 75 metres on either side of the survey tow track. The mid frequency 325kHz side scan sonar has a useful range in excess of 200 metres either side.

The towfish sonar is designed to tow cleanly and with excellent stability under all towing conditions. The towfish body is fitted with durable Polycarbonate stabiliser fins. In the event of ground contact, the fins will break away from the sonar body and are retained for recovery by a shock cord line.

The towfish side scan sonar has a weak link and safety recovery line. If the towfish hits an obstruction the weak link will part but the sonar will not be lost. The towfish side scan sonar is small and light and may be manually deployed and operated by a single person from very small boats thus making it ideal for inshore and coastal applications.

In common with all Tritech sonar systems, the SeaKing Towfish Side Scan Sonar may be connected to a Seanet SCU surface control and display unit or most standard laptops and PC's. In addition to the display of side scan sonar data, the system will take position input from DGPS. This information is recorded with the side scan sonar data to allow a 'fix' of a target.

All data produced by the towfish side scan sonar system is processed within the towfish and transmitted to the surface in digital format. All data from the sonar may be stored on the built-in zip drive, in the Seanet SCU.
  • Low cost side scan sonar system
  • Easy to deploy and recover
  • Low power and data rates
  • Compatible with Tritech SeaKing product family
  • Coastal surveys
  • Military mine counter measures
  • Salvage operations & treasure hunting
  • Pipeline and route surveys
  • River, harbour and canal surveys
Datasheet SeaKing Towfish Side Scan Sonar System