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Tritech ZipTrench - ROV Trenching and Excavation System
Description The Tritech ZipTrench ROV Trenching and Excavation System has been developed from the highly successful Tritech ZipJet and ZipJet Ultra family of products, to meet the requirement for low cost, simple to deploy and use, ROV trenching equipment.

The unique design and positioning of the inlet and outlet ports on the trencher eliminates upthrust while the pump is in operation. Thus less ROV power is used in compensating for the thrust, the ROV is more stable in operation, and more of the power can go to operating the ZipTrench.

The body of the trencher is manufactured from substantial plastic materials designed to resist erosion and general day to day offshore work. The simple design of the trencher results in excellent reliability.

The trencher is designed to open up seabed trenches and for deburial in unconsolidated sediments. The types of materials typically excavated include sand, fine gravels and muds, the materials normally encountered where an existing trench has naturally backfilled.

The principle of operation of the ZipTrench is to disperse the sediments in a large mass flow of water. This has benefits over conventional dredging pumps when all that is required is to open a trench or effect deburial without needing to be concerned where the material comes to rest.

Where uniform seabed conditions occur with no obstructions, boulders or rocks, the trenching rate can be improved using flow guide templates.
  • High Flow Rate
  • Low Operating Hydraulic Pressures
  • Negligible Upthrust in Operation
  • Compact and Rugged
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Lightweight Plastic Construction
  • Seabed Trenching
  • Deburial
  • Cable Trenching and Maintenance
  • Smaller Pipe and Flowline Trenching and Deburial
  • Marine Archaeology
Datasheet Tritech ZipTrench - ROV Trenching and Excavation System