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VideoRay Explorer
Description The VideoRay Explorer system includes the 8-pound submersible, control box, 76 m (250 ft) of tether, manual, and tool kit. All components fit neatly in two watertight, rolling Pelican cases that fit easily in the trunk of a car or in airline luggage compartments. The entire system is stored in the Pelican cases and weighs less than 43 kg (95 lbs).

The Explorer includes a color camera and a 5 inch LCD color display monitor. An external video monitoring/recording device that has a composite video input– typically a TV/VCR combination – is recommended for recording missions.
  • Camera
    • Forward facing wide angle color camera
    • 570 lines of resolution and 0.3 lux
    • Variable control tilt with 180 degree vertical field of view
    • Wide focus range
    • NTSC unless otherwise specified
  • Lighting
    • Two 20 watt high efficiency halogen lights
  • Propulsion
    • Horizontal - Two easy to maintain thrusters with 50 mm propellers and guards
    • Vertical - One thruster
Control Console
  • Display
    • 5 inch integrated display
    • LCD depth gauge display (ft/m interchangeable)
    • LCD compass with heading display
    • LCD cumulative hour meter display
    • Composite video output
  • Controls
    • Joystick controls for horizontal movement
    • Vertical depth control with Auto Depth
    • Lighting control
    • Camera tilt and focus controls
  • Tether
    • 76 m (250 ft.) Performance Tether (neutral buoyancy)
    • Maximum voltage in tether is 48 volts DC
VideoRay Submersible Robot
Depth Rating 76 metres
Total System Weight 43 kg
Submersible Speed 1.9 knots
  • Aquaculture
  • Diver monitoring
  • Recreation
Datasheet VideoRay Explorer