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VideoRay Pro 3 XE
Description The Pro 3 XE incorporates the features of a Pro 3, adding an integrated 15 inch display monitor that will display both video and a computer screen simultaneously in either PAL or NTSC, and a 131 ft (40 m) Performance tether extension.

The Pro 3 XE is also PC computer control enabled, allowing operators to control the Pro 3 XE using included wired or wireless game controllers with a user-supplied laptop computer. The Pro 3 XE can even be controlled by software applications or remotely via a network.

The Pro 3 XE can easily accommodate recording devices, modular instrumentation and tools such as: scanning imaging sonar for low visibility environments; manipulator for object retrieval or intervention; positioning system for exhaustive area searches; water quality sensor, metal thickness gauge, and more. Pro 3 XE units can accommodate additional neutrally buoyant, negatively buoyant, or positively buoyant tether extensions to reach up to 305 m (1,000 ft) in overall distance but limited to 152 m (500 ft) in water depth. Included is an inverter for operation using a 12 volt power source such as a car battery.
  • Camera
    • Forward facing wide angle color camera
    • 570 lines of resolution and 0.3 lux
    • Variable control tilt with 180 degree vertical field of view
    • Wide focus range
    • NTSC or PAL
    • Rear facing black & white camera - 430 lines 0.1 lux
  • Lighting
    • Forward - Two 20 watt high efficiency halogen lights
    • Rear - Ultra high-intensity LED light array
  • Propulsion
    • Horizontal - Two easy to maintain thrusters with 60 mm propellers and guards
    • Vertical - One thruster
  • Accessories and Sensors
    • Accessory connector allows field integration of various instruments and sensors
Control Console
  • Display
    • Video display tilt adjustment for optimal viewing angle
    • LCD depth gauge display
    • LCD compass with heading display
    • LCD cumulative hour meter display
    • Composite video output
    • Option to superimpose date, time, depth and heading information on video display
    • Audio annotation microphone for simultaneous recording (video recorder required)
  • Controls
    • Joystick controls for horizontal movement and third axis controls
    • Third axis joystick control (selectable for depth, camera tilt, lights and manipulator)
    • Vertical depth control with Auto Depth
    • Lighting control
    • Camera tilt and focus controls
    • Front and rear camera toggle
    • Manipulator control (if installed)
    • PC Pilot computer control option is enabled (requires a PC and joystick)
  • Tether
    • Tether Deployment System with 76 m (250 ft.) neutrally buoyant tether with an extension of 40 m (131 ft.) Professional Performance Tether
    • Maximum voltage in tether is 48 volts DC
VideoRay Submersible Robot
Depth Rating 152 metres
Total System Weight 45 kg
Submersible Speed 2.6 knots
  • Search and Recovery
  • Accident and CSI
  • Port and Waterway Security
  • Advanced Inland Inspections
  • Advanced Potable Water Tank Inspections
  • Offshore Survey & Inspections
  • Science and Research
  • Film Pro 3 XEduction
  • Advanced Aquaculture Operations
  • Wreck Surveys
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