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VideoRay Pro 4 CD300SE

VideoRay Pro 4 PS300SE

VideoRay Pro 4 PS300XL
  • Main Camera System

  • The VideoRay Pro 4 is equipped with 2 high resolution cameras providing almost total underwater visual coverage. The main camera is located in the forward pressure hull and the second camera can be externally mounted on the ROV. The forward camera tilts 180 degrees while the second camera tilts 180 degrees and pans 360 degrees providing fully immersive feedback.

    Both cameras are equipped with wide dynamic range and backlight compensation to give you the most detailed pictures even in difficult lighting situations. The cameras are optimized for underwater use and offer 0.0001 lux ultra low-light sensitivity by including automatic or manual switching between color and black and white modes.

  • Second External Camera

  • You can position the externally mountable second Hi Resolution Color CCD Camera in virtually any direction, on top or on the bottom of the ROV, for imaging laterally, overhead, or underneath.

  • Integrated Navigation

  • The VideoRay Pro 4 includes enhanced navigation features including a 3D Compass, accelerometer, and a MEMS Rate GYRO for true auto heading and auto pitch.

  • Internal Sensors

  • The VideoRay Pro 4’s internal sensors can detect vital information including temperature and moisture (in the unfortunate event of a leak).

  • Ultra High Intensity LED Lighting

  • Industry leading LED lighting provides 3,600 lumens of light with a "turbo boost" option that can kick it up to more than 5,700 lumens if neccessary.

    The forward light reflectors have been engineered to distribute the light evenly throughout the camera tilt range. Lights are positioned outside the main pressure hull to provide the greatest separation from the camera. Separation is extremely important in minimizing backscatter which is the reflection of waves, particles, or signals back to the underwater camera.

  • High Efficiency Brushless Thrusters

  • The VideoRay Pro 4’s custom designed and highly efficient brushless thrusters deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. In order to provide the optimal blend of power and control, the VideoRay Pro 4's thrusters incorporate the following features:

          The horizontal thrusters, coupled with hydro-dynamically optimized propellers and nozzles, produce the highest thrust-to-vehicle weight and thrust-to-drag ratios in the industry. This combination ensures you’ll have the power when you need it, along with the ability to pull long umbilicals and work in currents that divers wouldn’t dare attempt. The Pro 4 delivers more than pounds of thrust. There is also 75 volts DC in the Pro 4 tether as opposed to the 48 volts DC in the Pro 3 tether.

      Thruster placement and counter rotation provide a zero turning radius and extremely agile maneuverability as well as a stable platform for the camera and sensors.

      Enhanced vertical thrust and pitch-enhanced dive and surface modes get you to and from your working depth quickly, and computer controlled “set and forget” auto-depth holds the depth you set. There’s no need to disengage auto-depth to adjust to a new depth.

      Motor controllers are tuned for lightning-fast responsiveness. In conjunction with joystick sensitivity and independently adjustable gain these features ensures precision handling and the dexterity to position and hold the ROV exactly where you need it.

      VideoRay’s engineers also recognized and accommodated the need for maintenance by keeping things simple. Proprietary cartridge seals can be visually inspected without being removed and when it is time to replace them, it usually takes less than 5 minutes and can be done in the field. Fouled propellers can also be cleared and replaced easily if necessary.

  • Ballast

  • Attaining the correct weighting in salt and fresh water is critical to the performance of the submersible - and it couldn't be easier to adjust on the Pro 4. No tools are required to add or subtract brass "bullets" to the interior of the VideoRay skid.

  • Hydrodynamics

  • The VideoRay Pro 4 features a hydrodynamic float block which provides superior stability in high current and enhances maneuverability with a large payload.

  • Vertical Thrust

  • The VideoRay Pro 4 features a massive increase in vertical thrust compared to its Pro 3 predecessor. The geared vertical brushless thruster features a larger 65mm propellor while the ducted hydrodynamic float maximizes efficiency and allows for optimal ROV stabilization.