IP Camera

Subsea IP Camera

Model # MS-SS-IP-CAM

The Marine Solutions ultra-low light subsea Ethernet camera incorporates the latest sensor technology, combined with noise suppression resulting in remarkable low-light performance. This camera conforms to the ONVIF S profile specification, which guarantees interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.


Input: 16 – 36V DC
Power: 9W


Lens Material: Tivex
Resolutions: 5MP (2992 x 1680)
Frame Rate: 25fps
Light Sensitivity: 0.0121  Ix (5MP Mode)
0.00825 Ix (1080p Mode)
View Angle: 110′


Material: 316L Stainless Steel Titanium option
Length: 248mm excl. connector
Diameter: Ø94 at lens
Depth Rating: 300 msw
Weight in Air: 4.75 kg
Weight in Water: 3.12 kg
Standard Connector: Teledyne MHDG 8 FCR
Other connectors
available on request