ROV Pilot / Tech Training

ROV Pilot / Tech Training

Specialised ROV Pilot Training in Cape Town

The need for specialised training on a variety of remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) had become apparent for technicians offering their skills as pilots to the marine and related offshore sectors. Cape Town based Marine Solutions has the relevant ROV equipment and technical workshops to deliver internationally benchmarked training for student ROV pilots.

Marine Solutions have been training ROV pilots since 2003.  Besides local students, we have also trained students from the UK, Brazil, Georgia and Nigeria, as well as run a full course for a client in the UAE.  Most of these pilots are working globally, with mostly favourable feedback from their clients.


Marine Solutions offers the standard three-week ROV Pilot / Technician II course, that is based
on the IMCA syllabus. Upon successful completion of this course, the newly qualified
Pilot / Technician II will have the skills and knowledge required for a successful career as a ROV pilot.

Principal objectives of the course:
To provide knowledge of the ROV industry, as required by Pilot / Technicians, with due emphasis on safety, operational conditions, piloting skills and technical ability.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have a “Technical Background” which can be made up of the relevant
qualifications and / or experience. Prior knowledge of offshore or ROV industries, although
recommended, are not required.

The term Technical Background includes, but is not limited to the following areas of expertise

  • Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical & Hydraulics

Course Outline

This course will cover all aspects of an offshore ROV operation including:

  • Seamanship and offshore safety
  • Types of ROV’s and their applications
  • Offshore platforms and structures
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Hydraulic systems
  • Servicing, maintenance and fault finding
  • Mobilization & De-mobilization
  • Pre & post dive checks
  • Piloting principles
  • Tether management
  • Buoyancy & drag
  • Navigation, observation and communications
  • Underwater cameras, video systems
  • SONAR principles & operation

Facilities & Equipment

Marine Solutions currently owns /co-owns 12 ROV’s ranging from a VideoRay PRO 4 through to Cougar XT’s complete with TMS and a Launch and recovery system. This enables us to provide training on systems that are relevant to the industry, unlike other competitors, that could offer inferior training aids.

During the practical phase in the workshops, students are taught splicing and potting of umbilical’s/cables, fault-finding, camera set up and video paths, thruster/component replacements, sonar as well as other important skills.

As a recognised IMCA training facility, Marine Solutions awards ROV Pilot/Tech II (Trainee) certificates after the successful passing of examinations  and completion of the flying modules. As soon as proof of in-date offshore medical and survival has been provided, the certificate will be upgraded to ROV Pilot/Tech II.