Joint Ventures, Clients & Projects

Joint Ventures, Clients & Projects

Our JV’s & Clients have been/are:

France Telkom, South Africa/France, De Beers Diamond Company, South Africa/Namibia, PetroSA Oil & Gas Company, South Africa, Various Film Companies, South Africa, OSC Marine – Cape Diving, Tag Diving, South Africa, AMSOL – Smit Marine, South Africa, Subtech, Durban South Africa, ADS, Lagos Nigeria/Sharjah UAE, MMNL, Port Harcourt Nigeria, Tethys Plantgeria, Port Harcourt Nigeria
Daniel Surveying FZC, Sharjah UAE, DCN Diving, Abu Dhabi UAE, Lamnalco, Sharjah UAE
Horizon Survey Company, Sharjah UAE.

Countries we have had ROV operations in:

South Africa, Lesotho, Nigeria, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, Turkey, Sudan
Georgia, Russia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Reunion, Angola, Seychelles

Projects have we performed as contractor/sub-contractor

  • Full ROV Support & Operations for the Fibre Optic cable feed from Europe to Africa
  • SAT & Diver Support
  • Surveys of SPM, Anchor Chains, MWB, Plem’s
  • Touch Down Monitoring
  • Inspection for Leaking Hydraulic Hoses
  • Survey of FPSO’s, Pipelines
  • Survey of Platforms (GVI, CVI, FMD, CP)
  • Surveys of Jack Up Rigs, Spud Can inspections
  • Survey of Dam Walls and Catchment Areas
  • Scientific Research Projects
  • SBM Anchor Chain Replacement
  • Various Complete ROV Rebuilds